Friday, March 27, 2009


So, I am learning to quilt. It's not really hard, just very time consuming. It is a lot of fun and relazxing too. I will post pictures and updates of projects along the way and welcome any feedback. I have so many ideas for projects too, let's make a list:
- Baby Bib Quilt: I want to take all of those "Baby's First ..." Bibs and make a quilt out of them. I can also use those stained onsies I just can't part with because of memories or other blankets, etc.
- T-Shirt Quilt: Use old T-shirts with logos, pictures, signatures, etc and create a quilt
- Wedding Ring Quilt: I just think these are very pretty, a classic quilt design
- 50th Anniversary Quilt: My grandparents celebrate their 50th at the end of this year. Don't worry, they don't have internet, so this isn't spoiling the surprise. I would like to print pictures onto that transfer paper you iron onto fabric and make a quilt showing their 50 years together. I know they would love this!

More to come!

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