Friday, March 27, 2009


Well, you will soon discover that I LOVE coupons and saving money! I will have lots of links here to great sites I visit daily. Coupons to me are like free money you get in the paper. If you opened the paper and a twenty dollar bill fell out, would you throw it away? I hope not, if you do you're welcome to mail it to me instead. When I go grocery shopping, if I don't cut my bill at LEAST in half with coupons, I am horribly upset. I have converted MANY family and friends to using coupons religiously so hopefully you'll catch on and want to save some money too! There are just too many freebies and deals out there to buy anything at full price! If you do, you're just stupid. Sorry, sometimes you just have to say the truth.


So, I am learning to quilt. It's not really hard, just very time consuming. It is a lot of fun and relazxing too. I will post pictures and updates of projects along the way and welcome any feedback. I have so many ideas for projects too, let's make a list:
- Baby Bib Quilt: I want to take all of those "Baby's First ..." Bibs and make a quilt out of them. I can also use those stained onsies I just can't part with because of memories or other blankets, etc.
- T-Shirt Quilt: Use old T-shirts with logos, pictures, signatures, etc and create a quilt
- Wedding Ring Quilt: I just think these are very pretty, a classic quilt design
- 50th Anniversary Quilt: My grandparents celebrate their 50th at the end of this year. Don't worry, they don't have internet, so this isn't spoiling the surprise. I would like to print pictures onto that transfer paper you iron onto fabric and make a quilt showing their 50 years together. I know they would love this!

More to come!

My First BLOG

Woooh, my first blog. I guess I will just jump in the deep end here and start yapping:

I am trying to find a pintuck presser foot for my sewing machine. It's amazing how you learn something everyday. I have read the instruction book for my sewing machine cover to cover MANY times and yet today I learned about a whole new attachment I didn't even know about. I have been practicing out the wazoo doing automatic buttonholes. I am actually getting pretty good. Well, that's not too uncommon, right? Well, I have been doing it while fighting with the feed dogs, LOL! I just learned that my sewing machine has a little cover that I pop into place and it covers the feed dogs, making buttonholes a cinch. Now it makes sense how to do the embroidery they talk about in the manual.