Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is it August, Really??

I cannot believe how fast time has flown by over the past few months, let's play catch up fast.

What's happened over the past few months ....

- We moved into our new house (love the house, hate the stairs - mostly due to pregnancy I think)
- Unpacked, painted, settled in, etc ... actually, still working on this part.
- Found out we are having another girl - yay!!
- Bought a sit-n-stand double stroller (I still can't believe it myself)
- Had a birthday party for Sarah ... Strawberry Shortcake theme :-)
- Sarah learned to drive a PowerWheel, well, she learned everything except how to stop - is that really important...?
- Went to White Water with the family - yea, 7 kids - and found out that Sarah LOVES water slides and falls asleep in the lazy river!
- Went on family vacation to the beach and had a great time!
- Finally used that Moda jelly roll fabric to make a quilted baby car seat cover for the new little one (future post coming soon on this project, I am very excited about it!)

And that brings us to today, where I will be hopefully sewing some - depending on any two-year old fits that may come into the picture :-)

Yesterday, I found some unpainted wooden puzzles at Michael's on clearance for $1.49 each. They are PERFECT for Sarah so we are going to paint those together today. One has animals and the other has cars, trains, etc. Sarah has been asking for a paint brush since I brought them in the door yesterday - memory like an elephant!

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