Saturday, April 18, 2009

We're expecting!

Yea, that was the news I couldn't wait to tell you about, LOL! We are due in early December and we're very excited.

Sewing news.....
My sewing machine probably has dust on it right now. I have had NO time to actually sit down and do something I want to do (which my hubby can probably tell you since I have been a grouch lately), but that's to be expected when you get no time to yourself. This is one of the first times I have gotton to sit at the computer for an extended period of time. I am waiting for Comcast to come and connect my cable (yea, I am mooching off someone that doesn't know how to add a password on their wireless). But my sewing room is coming together, hubby promised to put extra shelves in my AMAZING closet in here today so that means I can start unpacking and organizing my future favorite room of the house :-) WOO HOO!

I did order some really cool Moda fabric that might be here today or maybe Monday that I can't wait to get! I will probably do a small project like a gift project. I also still need to put binding on that cheaters baby quilt I made for my step sister. I bought some really soft fabric that I am going to also make her a tag blankie out of too. I didn't realize I had so much going all at once. Guess I better hurry and get organized so I can actually finish a project!

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