Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cheapest diapers EVER ... literally :-)

Ok, this was a once in a lifetime coupon deal that I am so excited about, I had to blog about it :-)

Target had Huggies on sales for 8.99 for a jumbo pack and if you buy 3 you get a $5 Target gift card. So, I bought 3 packs $8.99 x 3 = $26.97 Then subtract my gift card since I plan to use it to buy something I would have normally bought anyways $26.97-$5 = $21.97. Then Target allows one Target coupon and one manufacture coupon per item. So, I had 2 manufact. coupons for Huggies $3 off $21.97 -$6 (2x$3) = $15.97. Then I had 3 Target coupons for $1 off huggies $15.97 -$3 (3x$1) = $12.97. Then, I had a coupon for "buy one pack of huggies, get one free" and it was a manufacture coupon, and since I had only used 2 so far, I could use this one on the third pack. So, $12.97 - $8.99 (price of one pack) = $3.98. Then I factor in the rebate for sending in the upc and reciept to caregivers marketplace which is 75 cents per pack. $3.98 - $2.25 ($.75 x3) = $1.73 divided by three packs of diapers = FIFTY EIGHT CENTS PER PACK for HUGGIES DIAPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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